Club Waters

Bradley Pond, Bovey Tracey (Full Members Only - Key to gate required)
This is a former clay pit of about 4 acres, just outside Bovey Tracey on Bradley Road (g.r.827778). It is approached along the unmade road by the sharp bends as you approach Bovey Tracey from Chudleigh Knighton.

The gate has an Association padlock. A popular match and carp venue holds roach to 2lbs, perch to 5lbs, tench, skimmers, carp to 28lbs and large trout. The pole and waggler work well for the match or pleasure angler with both top and bottom baits producing for the carp angler. Stuart Hocking is the bailiff who looks after this water with the assistance of Dave Bridgeman.

This tranquil and secluded water supports a large amount of wildlife and makes an ideal retreat. A definite ‘must do’ for any Full member that has yet to give it a go.

Preston Ponds, Kingsteignton
The Preston Ponds are reached by driving through Kingsteignton towards Chudleigh on the B3193, and are found primarily around (g.r.863744).

They are approximately 2 miles from central Newton Abbot. Bailiff Mike Smith ensures comfortable and safe fishing for all on these 4 ponds, which are as follows:
Key Transport (Full Members Only - Key to gate required).

The entrance and car park for this water are about 100 yards past the Toll House (g.r.863741) that is adjacent to the roundabout on the Chudleigh Road. The gate has an Association padlock. This is one of our most popular match waters with skimmers, bream, big roach, rudd, perch and tench, and crucians of over a pound. The pole and feeder prove to be the most effective methods when using worm or casters with some excellent catches in the summer evenings.

Eddison Pond (Open to all)
Eddison is a small water that is just past Hewdon Hire, about 200 yards on the right further on from Key Transport. Parking is on the roadside from where the Pond is just visible. Do not confuse this pond with Abbrook Pond, (water belonging to Exeter Angling Association), which is on the sharp bend before Hewdon Hire. Most species are present with tench, crucians and mid-double carp. Pole and waggler work well, fished with maggot or casters. Stepped up gear is recommended if targeting the larger carp.

Sawmills (Open to all)
A larger water of about 3 acres, located directly behind Eddison. The water is coloured by the run-off from the local clay works. A few anglers take one look at the colour of the water and are put off from fishing, don't be! Skimmers, bream, tench, carp and roach are all caught here with the roach of 1lb plus and the odd perch pushing 3lbs. There are a number of bigger carp to twenty pounds. A number of well-respected local carp anglers have hooked something large in this water on numerous occasions, being smashed up on each occasion! Only one side of this pond is accessible.
Rackerhayes Complex, Newton Abbot. (Key to gate required)

Rackerhayes is just outside Newton Abbot on Kingsteignton Road, directly behind the Tesco Superstore (g.r.865725). The complex consists of 6 waters, which are Island, First, Dores, Linhay, Weedy and Wheel Ponds. The complex is padlocked and an Association key is required to access the car park and all of the waters. This gate is to be kept closed at all times. Once in the car park there is a large map showing each of the waters and the swim numbers for this complex.

Island Pond (Open to all ticket holders)
Island is a lake of about 5 acres, which has two distinct areas, known as the front and backwaters that are separated by an island. It is the first lake on the right when viewed from the car park. This lake holds most species including Carp to low 20s. In addition, it holds a large head of tench to 10lbs, good-sized roach, rudd, pike, bream and eels. The bream are now approaching nearly 10lbs. Recent summers have seen algal blooms affecting the water but recent hard work by volunteers should rectify this problem. Andy Malley is the bailiff. Most methods work well, with boilies being the favoured bait for the larger carp. For the match or pleasure angler the pole is effective in the front waters with the waggler or feeder working well in the back. The tench fishing is often excellent.






First Pond (Open to all)
First Pond is about 2 acres and holds a good head of carp, tench, roach and bream. This water fishes well all year round, and is the first water on the left with the River Teign bordering its bank. This pond tends to become heavily weeded in certain areas during the summer months: do not let this put you off as perseverance will be rewarded.
The bailiff for this pond is Andy Pickles and it is open to all in possession of a valid day ticket or membership. The pole works well in the deeper areas and maggot or caster float fished on the drop can be productive. It has roach, carp to 28lb, tench, bream and a large number of jack pike, providing a varied days angling.






Wheel Pond (Open to all, Juniors have priority)

This water is reached from the path between Island and First Ponds. Its plan is oval with the spoil from the excavation making a large island in the middle. The pond has twenty plus pegs with the distance between the near bank and the island varying between twenty and thirty feet with an average depth of between four and six feet.
Mark Newman looks after this pond which is an ideal beginners water as catches are numerous and almost guaranteed. It holds carp to 14lbs, Crucian carp, roach, rudd, perch, golden orfe, tench and the occasional small pike. Best baits are maggots, pellets and sweet corn, with bigger baits on the bottom for the larger carp and tench.

Linhay Pond (Open to all)
This water is of approximately 3 acres and is reached by walking to the left of Wheel Pond. The bailiff, Malcom Sugden, has put in hundreds of hours over the last ten years improving the water. All species are available in this pond, but most concentrate on the bream and tench. Please note: There is a boilie ban in place on this water.
The left hand bank of this water is normally quiet and a peaceful days fishing can be enjoyed, catching the sun for practically all day during the summer months. Pole and waggler fishing work well, with worm, caster and pellets accounting for some good weights. The very top of this water is now sectioned off from the main water; this is now a no fishing area as it is a stock pond.







Dores Pond
Please note Dores became a full members only water from January 2009
Dores is our largest water being about 9 acres. Most swims are accessed from the Rackerhayes car park although the backwaters are reached by driving to the end of Homers Lane  at Kingsteignton (g.r.869729) where there is a padlocked gate, opened with an Association key. This pond holds a large head of carp with numerous twenty and some thirty pound specimens; the tench are superb with the average fish being about 6lbs, and an 8lbs fish not uncommon. The club record of 11lbs15oz came from this water.
The bailiffs of this water are Craig and Rob Peters. There are a number of floating platforms on this pond, which allow the (Full Senior only) angler to get right out onto the water. All species are present with some big eels and excellent bream to double figures, with a good head of silver fish and perch. Normal methods work for the carp with the bigger waggler or feeder producing results for the match or pleasure angler.

Weedy Pond (Open to all)
This is a circular pond of just under an acre and is reached by walking to the right of Wheel Pond and then continuing over the stile. Much work including the otter proof fencing has been carried out in recent years both by the summer evening work parties and the bailiff Gary Saxton.

Platforms make fishing easy and big bags of fish can be had with the most minimal of gear. By the end of the summer in 2006 a lot of the carp stock had increased in size with most now being 5lbs+.
Charlecombe Pond
Charlecombe consists of one pond holding carp to 20lbs, bream, roach, rudd and crucians. This water provides excellent sport on light tackle for the carp.






S.L.A.C. or Somerset Levels Association of Angling Clubs.

The Club has access to the waters of the organisation above, with the exception of the River Isle - see below. The link below will take you to a map of the water we are allowed to fish.


Wapperwell - Fishing from dawn until dusk only - junior membrs to be accompanied by adult over 21 years old

Wapperwell is located just off the A380, about 2 miles on the Exeter side of Kingsteignton (g.r.882780) in an area know as Ideford dip. When leaving the A380 here turn left towards Chudleigh, the pond is almost immediately on your left. The water is on the Clifford Estate and is believed to be over 300 years old, being originally excavated as a duck pond to supply the Estate. The Bailiff of this water is Jim Seaborne and Jim has undertaken a considerable amount of work throughout 2007. It is now about an acre in size and is stocked with silver fish, skimmer bream, tench, crucians and F1 carp, To safeguard the Association's relationship with the Estate, please follow the parking rules that are posted near the gate which should be kept closed at all times.

West Golds, Newton Abbot. (Open to all)
West Golds (g.r.858725) is approached from the Templers Way, opposite Gormans Scrap Metal Yard (g.r.865721) in Newton Abbot. A tidal water that is incorporated in the flood defence system of the local area. Extreme care should be taken here, flash tidal flooding is common. The water holds dace, roach, skimmers, mullet and carp and is a quiet venue where all methods work. It surprises many that carp to over 20lbs are present in this water in view of its tidal nature. The stock is ever changing with the flow of the higher tides.