Work Parties

The members of the Association have a never-ending task managing the waters.

During the summer months there are weekly work parties where swims are cleared, new platforms constructed and all manner of other tasks completed. In addition there are a number of weekend work parties throughout the year where bigger projects are covered.
The Association is in the fortunate position where we have a number of members with professional experience and qualifications relating to the activities of the work parties, these members offer invaluable guidance and support and have made significant contributions over the years. During 2002 four members of the Associations became certified to use chain saws, this ensures that we are not only covered by our insurers but has resulted in the adoption of a number of ‘Best Practices’ for the use of all of the potentially hazardous equipment owned and used by the membership.
Please note all persons joining work parties must have the necessary certification to handle any machinery and must have read the risk assessments available.